Initial release: 2008
Re-release: 2018

Track Listing:
1. Home
2. We Smell The Blood
3. Father Francis
4. This Is My Crowd
5. We’ll Se
6. The Stage
7. One Last Fix
8. It Will All Be Over Soon
9. Black Ink
10. The River Current
11. Sounds Like Magic
12. Interlude
13. Soulful
14. Astray
15. Head Out of the Clouds
16. Dirt Under Your Feet

Guitar, Vocals – Matt Page
Bass – Chris Tackett / Justin Chatelain
Drums - Joey Waters
Keyboards - Alex Head / Matt Page

Lyrics by Matt Page
Written By DTES
Produced by DTES
Engineered and Mastered by Jason Groves
Mixed by Nathan Yarborough
Artwork by Chris Tackett and Josh Flowers