Chris talks about how “The Giants’ Newground” ended up being the catalyst for his involvement in Dream the Electric Sleep


Hey everybody…Chris Tackett here. I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on how “The Giants’ Newground” came into my world. That album ended up changing my life quite a bit!

I didn't know Matt or Joey in 2008. I just happened to be moving to Lexington, KY, when a mutual friend recommended this record to me. I have to say, I was intrigued! I could tell right away that these guys could really play, and definitely knew their way around crafting great melodies and arrangements. I was actually surprised that I'd never heard of them before. Little did I know, they weren't really an actual band at that time.

Turns out that Matt and Joey were looking for a bass player (who were called Jack and the Giants back then), and Joey knew of me from some of my previous bands. Thanks to our mutual friend, everything just sort of fell into place. We had one rehearsal, and I think we all knew right away that this could work.

We started writing together, and felt the need to form Dream the Electric Sleep...a new band that reflected all of our influences. As we began writing "Lost and Gone Forever", "The Giants' Newground" got sort of tucked away as we moved forward.

Now, nearly ten years later, I hope you guys catch some of the same vibes I did back in 2008. I still really love this record, and hope y'all do too!

- Chris