The Giants’ Newground – album review

"As the springboard for DTES, The Giant’s Newground is a collection of shorter pieces of the guys finding their feet, although The Stage runs over seven minutes and there are obvious passages where you can pinpoint the origins of their progression into a more experimental style. Almost naturally, there’s an element of present day tweaking and retracking mixed with many of the original takes updates the material while maintaining the original intentions and feel."


We are ONE WEEK away from the release of "The Giants' Newground", and today, you can stream the brand new track "Black Ink" over at Already Heard.

“It is a song about the loss of control in the midst of a chaotic moment, and ultimately leaving it all behind for a sense of safety – even if that safety means isolation and abandoning all one has worked for up to that point."


Many thanks to Progradar for the feature article on "The Giants' Newground" re-release.

Discussing the looming presence of the lost release, Matt Page explained: “Over the years I thought about that album a lot. It haunted me a bit. The album meant so much to me on a personal level but I knew we had to move forward, not return to something old. In the summer of 2017 I realized it had almost been 10 years since that album came to fruition. It occurred to me it would be a great time to revisit the material and put together a 10th year anniversary release. It’s a way for the band to reflect on our origin and share that with all those who have supported us over the last decade. That album was the springboard for what would become Dream the Electric Sleep.” 


“A real insight into the men behind DTES before the band even came to fruition, the songs are incredibly well written for a first collaboration and the re-tracking means it’s in keeping the current DTES sound. With a new album due next year this is great celebration of their inception”

Thanks Musipedia Of Metal for the 8/10 rating!